• Kelly Gutensohn

A Night Under the Stars with Casting Crowns

The temperature was perfect. It was not too hot, breezy, and a bit cool when the sun went down. We waited in anticipation for the long-awaited Casting Crowns concert on Friday, May 21st at the Central Florida Fairgrounds to begin. The setting brought back memories of going to a drive-in when I was a little girl. The field was sectioned off into the ticket levels. The stage was massive and the vendor tables were loaded with the memorabilia to buy and take home. These included but were not limited to t-shirts, CDs, mugs, and devotional books.

People found their spot to sit and many brought food and prepared a picnic. There were food trucks and snow cones to buy. The ban on social distancing had been lifted so we did not have to set up chairs directly in front of our cars. We were allowed to lay out our blankets directly in the field. Throughout the crowd, you could see anticipation, hope, and joy on people's faces. This is one of my favorite Christian bands. We went with friends from church and Faith-Christina brought a friend too.

Casting Crown's songs touch your soul and will forever be imprinted into millions of people's hearts. If I were to describe this Christian, musical powerhouse it would be "heroes of faith". That is how many see this awesome band and lead singer Mark Hall, who is the primary songwriter and a pastor as well. Their songs are full of hope, redemption, and the message of salvation. It was truly a night to remember.

The band has produced mega-hits like “Praise You In This Storm,” “East to West,” “Who Am I,” and “Just Be Held,” their songs have broken sales records, sold-out arenas, won prestigious awards and they have traveled the world singing songs of redemption. (Casting Crowns.com)

The music starts and the big screen starts to ascend. It is pretty windy and it begins to sway back and forth. The crowd wonders if it will be able to rise any higher. The wind calms and it continues to rise higher, higher, and higher. The richness of Mark Hall's voice brings a peace deep within my soul. Our faith is a big part of who and what our family is about.

I watch as people start to stand to their favorite song and worship, hands in the air and simply praising. " The world tells us to be Somebody with a capital S... All of us are tempted to chase the world's definitions of success and significance. At every turn, we are bombarded with images, attitudes, and contrived standards that cause us to compare ourselves to others. Too often, we live to build a resume-to make a name for ourselves. " (ONLY JESUS, A Voice That Sounds Like Home, Mark Hall) I could not have put it into better words.

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